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What is the Ultimate Solution for Regular Sleep Cycles?

Have you ever wondered how you feel sleepy? Or, how you don’t feel sleepy even at night?

Well, the secret is a sleep-inducing hormone generated by the pineal gland in our body, known as melatonin. Several factors may influence the amount of it produced naturally, and due to deficiency, this is also taken as supplements to solve various sleeping disorders.

With age, the production amount decreases, and thus, external sources come into the role to manage a sustainable quantity. As per recommendations, one should take 0.3 mg to 20 mg dosage of melatonin based supplements. More than this specific range can lead to side effects.

What are the side effects for wrong doses of melatonin supplements?

  • Feeling drowsy all day long.
  • Bleeding internally.
  • Decreasing body temperature.
  • Fluctuating blood pressure levels.
  • Having a nightmare.
  • And lastly, it will be almost impossible to wake up early.

However, if you intake the right amount, it might be beneficial for your system.

Jet Lag

This supplement rectifies jet lag, makes the body suit itself to changing work timetables, helps in spending vacations in different time zones as well as prevents from delayed sleep syndrome.

Things you may not be aware of

  • During nights, secretion of this antioxidant carries on for almost 12 hours, and thus, a person gets a peaceful sleep. However, once daylight breaks in, the proportion gets reduced to such an extent that its presence is barely detectable and ends up causing an energy burst.
  • Most people expect melatonin to work as a sleeping pill. They think, once they take the tablets or liquid, it will immediately make them feel sleepy and apparently, they will continue sleeping for a long time.

That’s not at all correct information! This supplement regulates the sleep cycle and helps to achieve a regular sleeping schedule naturally. Due to this, a person will feel exhausted at the same hour every night and energetic throughout the entire day.

Essential aspects one should keep in mind

What most people do not realize is that if their body does not secrete sufficient amount of this hormone, their body clock does not functioning correctly. Thus, he or she faces restlessness during nights and lethargy the following day. In such situations, these supplements will accelerate the natural production and eventually lead to an enhanced sleep cycle.

Most of these melatonin uk supplements are made from natural extracts. So, these are safe even if you consume for a long time till your body needs them. The best is always to see a doctor before consuming. Let the medical professional evaluate your health conditions first. Even more so when it comes to pregnant women and children, consulting your family doctor is a must.

However, it’s better if you can avoid taking any supplements with large dosage. Melatonin uk supplements twice a week shall be more than enough to reset your sleep cycle.