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A Super Hormone and its Common Food Sources

Sleep is something people cannot do without. Research shows that a huge population in the world gets inadequate sleep every night. This increases the tendencies of cancer, depression, heart issues, diabetes and much more. This is where melatonin comes into play. It is a hormone responsible for a healthy wake-sleep cycle in a mammal’s body including human beings.

Secreted from the pineal gland, this hormone sends the message to the brain whenever it’s time for sleep. This is the main purpose of this hormone. As soon as it starts circulating in your body, you start feeling drowsy. According to the usual biological clock, its levels are the lowest at daytime and the highest during night (precisely, in darkness).

Elderly Couple Sleeping

How can you increase melatonin and get a good sleep?

There are certain practices apart from a good diet that can positively affect an insomniac. Firstly, a proper routine of sleep is very effective. Staying away from electronic devices and strong light sources at night would be fruitful.